Asphalt Paving Contractors in Toronto

Whether you are a homeowner in need of a new driveway to improve the aesthetics and value of your home, or a commercial business owner who requires significant parking lot repairs, our promise to you, as asphalt paving contractors in Toronto, is that you will be thrilled with the results – both now and in the future, as your new asphalt stands up to the rigours of the Canadian winter year after year.

Residential Asphalt Paving Toronto

Why do contractors, new home builders and homeowners rely on Metro Wide Paving for their asphalt needs? Because Metro Wide Paving has the skills, knowledge and experience to execute your job right the first time.

Although residential asphalt paving may seem relatively simple and straightforward, there is often a lot more to your job than meets the eye. With 30+ years of experience, you can feel confident we will excavate, grade, prepare, and install your new asphalt driveway to the highest of industry standards.

Just a few of the things we take into consideration: That no utility or power lines are within the area of work, and if there are, that we know exactly where and do not disturb them.We always ensure proper grading to allow for adequate drainage away from your property/foundation. That an adequate sub-base is installed and settled prior to the installation of asphalt. Lastly, that a thick, even layer of high quality asphalt is installed and properly compacted.

It’s crucial to have the right tools and machinery for the job, and we have a fleet of most innovative and advanced in the industry.

Metro Wide Paving offers paving services for residential properties of all sizes. Our friendly, experienced crews deliver better surfacing for our clients, because we take an individualized approach to each property when laying new asphalt and pay attention to the details others might miss.

If you are a homeowner looking to have your driveway re-paved, or a building contractor requiring extensive hardscaping for a new housing development, Metro Wide Paving can meet your requirements.

Commercial Asphalt Paving in Scarborough Toronto - Metro Wide Pavings

Commercial Asphalt Paving Toronto

With 30+ years of commercial asphalt paving experience, you can feel confident that we can provide you with a commercial parking lot that properly drains water away from buildings and towards drainage areas, looks great, and withstands the high volume of traffic, heavy machines, and abusive winters it will inevitably encounter.

As a business owner or property manager, your parking lots and driveways are the last thing you need to think about. By allowing Metro Wide Paving to handle your paving needs, once completed it will certainly be the last thing have to worry about for decades to come.

Whether it is a single lift of high stability asphalt or multi layer project including base coat and finish coat, we have the experience to understand and recommend the best approach to your project and ensure the longest life possible while providing you the best value.

Metro Wide Paving is an expert in commercial paving in the Greater Toronto Area. Our team has over 30 years’ experience, resulting in great workmanship, reliability, and overall customer satisfaction. Ourwell-maintained fleet of vehicles and owned equipment ensures we can handle properties and projects of any size.

Asphalt Repair Toronto

Many factors from weather to traffic affect the integrity of your pavement, leading to cracks, holes and other signs of wear and tear. Sometimes complete removal is not necessary, and sometimes its not an option due to a variety of factors, most often being cost.

When the damage gets to a certain point, it requires re-paving. Metro Wide Paving offers complete solutions for driveway, roadway and parking lot repair/resurfacing. We start by removing the old asphalt and ensuring that the aggregate base meets our exacting standards, before applying new asphalt.

Our skilled team is fully equipped to take on any size asphalt repair, resurfacing or re-paving job at competitive prices. We have worked on countless projects throughout the GTA and surrounding areas, including large industrial and commercial developments.

Our streamlined process takes you from initial request to final inspection knowing your paving job is in capable, experienced hands.