Excavation, Grading & Gravel Installation

In addition to our expert asphalt, concrete and interlock installation services, Metro Wide Paving also provides excavation, grading and gravel services to complete your project. What does this look like? For residential customers, it may mean digging out tree stumps, filling in the resulting craters and levelling the uneven backyard with topsoil to create a smooth surface for sod or landscaping, and establishing decorative borders of gravel or crushed stone. For commercial clients, it could mean preparing a smooth base for pavement, which includes the excavation and disposal of existing cracked concrete and continues with grading, gravel and compacting before we lay the new pavement.

Please read on to discover Metro Wide’s superior excavation, grading and gravel installation services and find out what makes us different. To discuss your next project with usor find out more about our process, please click here.

Excavation Contractors Toronto

When you need efficient excavation to remove existing soil and/or damaged pavers, concrete, asphalt or other materials, Metro Wide Paving is the dependable choice. We have specialized, owned equipment that can fit into the tight spaces characteristic of residential lots, as well as the necessary heavy equipment from such reliable industry names as Bobcat and John Deere, to get the job done for our commercial clients who need larger-scale excavation.

Choose Metro Wide to do the excavation for all your residential and commercial projects:

  • Foundations and basements
  • Driveways
  • Parking lots
  • Paved areas such as paths and walkways
  • Lot clearing, tree, stump and root removal
  • Disposal of demolition debris
  • Swimming pools

Grading Contractors Toronto

Grading describes the work required to ensure a level base, or create a specific slope, for construction work on your property such as foundations, landscaping, or anything else that requires proper drainage. Grading is an extremely important step in most outdoor construction projects because it creates the level surface you require while directing water where you want it to go. Grading may also need to be done to fix problems after the fact, such as rectifying poor drainage after hardscaping has been put in place.

Metro Wide Paving has the necessary heavy earth moving machinery and specialized building tools to create a perfectly flat base for your path, driveway, lawn, parking lot, or wherever else you need a level surface or precise slope.

Gravel Installation Contractors Toronto

Before laying a final surface such as asphalt or concrete, gravel must first be installed to ensure proper drainage. At Metro Wide Paving, we source and install all varieties and grades of gravel depending on the requirements of your construction or landscaping project. Often, other aggregates are desired, so we provide and install other premium materials such as pea stone, crushed concrete, limestone screening and crushed stone in many different grades and colours. In addition to forming a necessary paving base, gravel and aggregates also have the following applications:

  • Residential and commercial landscaping
  • Paths and walkways
  • Gardening borders

Whether you need B gravel for a driveway base or washed stone for use in a decorative border, Metro Wide Paving has the right equipment and the experienced operators to install your gravel and stone quickly and precisely.
For superior excavation, grading and gravel outside, call Metro Wide, your GTA paving experts.

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